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Hortikulture is a branch of agriculture concerned with producing fruits, vegetable, flowers and ornamental plants. Horticulture  originally referred to small private plots in wich plant were cultivated; it deferred from agriculture, which pertained to the cultivation of fields. However, these difinitions no longer hold. Horticulture now includes orchards, ranches, plantations, glasshouse, plastic tunnels - the wole gamut of areas, large or small, and tropical, subtropical, or temperate, in wich plants may be succcessfully grown. It is contrasted today wich agronomy.

 The distinction between the two is made largely on the basis of the plants concerned, agronomy being restricted to trops, such as grain, hay, and cotton, that have been traditionally cultivated in large field. Even here there is no sharp line to separate the two, especially in the case of vegetables. Red pepper, for instance, when grown for export, is considered agronomic, but when grown as a table vegetable is horticultural. hence, there is the tendency to determine the classification in terms of the extent of the area rather than on the more precise basis of the plant it self.

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